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Esports Consultation

Is your school or organization looking to create an esports team or facility? We offer consultation to help you build a successful esports presence. From team formation to facility specifications, we offer packages to fit your needs. Be an early adapter of esports.

Individual Video Game Streamer Marketing

Take your video game streaming career to the next level with our Video Game Streamer Marketing Services. Our packages were built and designed to help build, expand and sustain your online presence as a streamer.

Esports Events

Are you in need of a fundraiser, or interested in running your own esports event? We create and assist in running esports tournaments and other related esports events. Big or small, we ensure you make the most of your esports function.

Why Choose Us?

Because we know gaming. Our team comes from all walks of life, but we are all passionate about the growth of video gaming and esports. With a working knowledge of marketing, social media, event planning and more, we drive lasting relationships and build esports legacies. We are available to help implement esports at your school or organization, market individual video game streamers and run esports related events.


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